Rift Junkies and Rift Podcasts Coverage of the Trion Trip

Besides my coverage of the trip to Trion, there are a few other excellent posts covering everything.  Both Rift Podcast and Rift Junkies have some great things to say about the trip!  You can view them at the links below.


Rift Podcast has their coverage here.


Rift Junkies posts their thoughts here and here.


Thanks to Arithion from Rift Podcast and Teljair and Draegan from Rift Junkies!  Make sure to read their thoughts and support both sites!

Rift Podcast: Round Table and Drunk Edition

Rift Podcast has posted their new Podcast for the week and this one is audio from the Round Table!  There is also a surprise ending that consists of all the folks from the fan sites getting drunk and talking about Rift.

Listen to it right here! Its worth the listen and I am very glad I was able to be on!

A New Rift Podcast and a Chance to Win A VIP Beta Slot!

Fantastic news this morning, as we get our weekly dose of Rift: Planes of Telara Podcasting extravaganza!  You can find the full Podcast here.  The news is very cool as we see our first chance to receive a VIP beta key.  You can win one in two different ways.

First, you can come up with a Rift Bumper Sticker slogan.  Simply come up with a nice, catchy slogan that would fit on a bumper sticker for Rift.  The slogan has to be PG-rated and catchy.  If yours is catchy enough then you have a chance at the VIP beta key!  There are also a couple of other prizes, such as a copy of the Rift comic or a Rift t-shirt.

The second contest is a bit more involved and concerns the design of an entirely new Soul for Rift.  Come up with the name, the description, strengths and weaknesses and a few of the abilities that the Soul uses and post them up.  The best Soul design gets the VIP key, with the runner’s up receiving a comic or t-shirt!

Pretty awesome contests and you can find the exact details for each here and here.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get you design hats on and get to work!  A possible VIP key awaits!!

Also reported at Rift-News!

Couple of Great Interview Videos from Rift Podcast!

Arithion, from Rift Podcast, posted a couple of really awesome interviews, with Russ Brown of Trion, on You Tube today.  These were both taken at Pax and really go in depth into the Soul System, Invasions and a few other topics.  Take a look at the videos below and you can find the Rift Podcast entry here and the thread on the official Rift forums here.