Amazingly Awesome War Front Report.

Ok, you know how much I like PvP, right?  And we all like videos, right?  Especially concerning PvP, right?

Well, take a look at this one from BFF!!


Great look at the two War Fronts in this week’s beta test.  I must say, that warrior ability is sweet.  No warrior in World of Warcraft can do that!!  Yeah, Rift kicks ass.


Great Rogue (Assassin) PvP Video from Beta Four

Thought I would post up this nice PvP video from Beta Four.  This was done on my server (Lotham) and is really a nice video.  Take a look:


You can find the thread where the creator talks about his spec and such right here.


Updated:  I meant Beta Four, not Five!

Fantastic Fan-Made Video Trailer for Rift

Check out this video!  Everything turned up and in HD.  This just looks fantastic!


I just have to laugh at the people who try to say that Rift has poor graphics.

A Collection of Rift Beta Three Videos

The fact that there seems to be a burgeoning video community in Rift fills me with excitement.  I feel the popularity and excitement of a gaming community is in direct correlation to the number of videos you can find on You Tube.  No, its not scientific by any means but there is no doubting the fact that WoW has tons of videos on You Tube, while Age of Conan, WAR and most others are largely absent.

Players creating videos show that they are excited about the game and are impressed enough with it to take the time to create a video and show it to the world.  I really hope this continues throughout Rift’s life because there has already been a deluge of videos in the last week.

I decided to feature some of them here, on HorRIFTic Intentions.  Thanks to all the players and video editors who have taken the time to make these videos!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

First one up is a video of the Xan’Thaerid invasion, filmed by The Forgotten Guild:

This one is a video of the Dragon Greenscale and a bit of PvP.  It is obvious that the graphics are turned to low but its still a great look at an invasion event.

Same fight, different perspective and video setting turned up:

Riftblade PvP:

Jakub the Tyrant Invasion Event filmed by The Forgotten Guild:

Full Realm of the Fae Instance run:

The Acolytes vs. Guardians PvP:

More Bloodpact PvP Fun:

Hopefully these videos will keep you busy for quite awhile. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Thanks again to all of the players who created these fantastic videos and I hope to see more in the future!

In Rift, the Rides Come to YOU!

The coast under attack from a Foothold on the small island.

“Help!  My God, we need Help!  Help NOW!!!”

Those were the exact words I was greeted with upon logging in to Rift Beta Three today.  Typed in General Chat no less.

Now, stop for a minute and think about that.  Just think about it for a minute.  How many themepark MMOs can you imagine that being said in?  Not many I would bet.  Now how many of those could you imagine that being said when it does not involve PvP and when the person saying it is level 12?

I bet there is not one.  WoW certainly never has any real danger at that level.  Ditto for LotRO, Aion, Age of Conan or any other themepark MMO I can think of currently.  Yet, you see it all the time in Rift.  Constantly.

The world of Rift is a dangerous place.  Much more so than any other MMO I can think of that is not named Darkfall or, perhaps, Everquest.  There are constantly invasions happening and an invasion will wipe the floor with a solo player of the same level.  It is really a whole new experience.

Syncaine, of Hardcore Casual, got into the Rift beta this go around and I really look forward to what he has to say about it.  I know that he will say that it is a themepark MMO because it very much is one.  However, this one is a bit different.  You see, in Rift the rides sometimes come to you. Quite often, in point of fact.

Imagine walking around Disney World with your family, merrily eating your cotton candy and talking about what ride you want to hit up next.  When, suddenly, a trap-door opens underneath you and whisks you off to some random roller coaster.

That’s Rift in a nutshell.  Its a themepark but one so different from the norm.


In Rift, the rides come to you!



One second you can be merrily going about your questing business and the next you are smacked upside the head by a Fire General and his elite minions.  It is really a unique experience that I have not seen in any MMO to date.  Guild Wars 2 might have this feeling but we don’t really know yet and its a long while until its out.  Right now, Rift is it.  It is the only MMO that encourages grouping this way.  It is the only MMO in which you could be crafting one second and fighting elite mobs the next.

I have heard many complaints about quests in Rift and I agree; they aren’t anything special.  They are your normal “kill x of these” and “take this to that bridge” type quests.  But on top of that is a layer of dynamic content that can make you forget all about questing.

I spent the majority of my night fighting off invasions, destroying footholds and closing Rifts.  Questing was reserved for the “in-between” times.  I still leveled fast and I still got loot but I did not feel a slave to the quests.  That is a nice feeling.

The footholds and invasions are such a unique feature and they react in such interesting ways, that I soon forget about questing.  When two Invasions come together some really cool things happen.


My Bard, Bragi, jamming his lute while defending Argent Glade.



Tonight I found myself unable to turn in a quest due to an elite Fire Invasion taking over my quest hub and my little Guardian Bard was stuck.  Unfortunately, there was no one around at the time to help, so I stayed at the periphery and attempted to pick off the elites one by one.  Suddenly a Defiant NPC  Invasions attacked the Fire Rift from the side and the battle was on!  I stayed back and helped the Defiants by picking off the Fire minions in the back.  After the fight was over, the Defiants stood victorious but seriously wounded and weak.  I was able to finish them off and destroy their foothold, thus freeing my quest hub.

There is nothing else like this out there.  Nothing.  The fight was amazing to watch and a far cry from any other MMO experience I have really had before.  The fights can get really chaotic.  Just wait until you find yourself in the middle of a fight between Life, Fire and Defiant forces!  It can not be described.  It is so chaotic and dangerous and all around fun that I can not help but love it.

Yes, Rift has its problems.  I still have a few issues with the Global Cooldown.  I still think that the world suffers from a distinct lack of “fluff” and could use some farms, village and signs of every day life to spice things up.  I still believe it is too linear and could use some racial starting areas.  I still have my problems.

But, in the end, none of that really matters because what Rift does well, it does really, really well.  It creates a very unique, dangerous world to level in, with constant activity and real reasons to group.  What other theme park MMO gives you that?

None, I tell you.  None.

To end this post, I leave you with some video I shot outside Sanctum.  I arrived to Sanctum to find the small encampment right outside destroyed by a Fire invasion.  I was invited to a group and we began valiantly defending our City.  Everything was going well, when a Life Invasion attacked our flank.   Take a look and see if we survive!

A little warning though, I am terrible with video editing.  Thus the video is pretty much raw footage, with no music and no real edits.  Still, I hope you enjoy!

Dueling Video from Beta One and Two!

Anxient over on the official Rift forums has posted a nice ten minute long HD video showcasing some of his duels from Beta one and two.  You can find the original thread here and the video below.  It is well worth the look and it showcases the fluidity of movement and combat in Rift PvP.  Keep in mind that this is all very low level stuff and classes are not perfectly balanced for low-level PvP.  Still, the video is pretty nice and really gets me excited for full-on PvP in Rift.

I imagine there will be tons of dueling in Rift.  I believe we will see dueling akin to WoW in the early days, everyone outside of Sanctum and Meridian dueling for hours on end.  With the number of Soul spec possibilities, you should see players dueling just to fine tune their specs.  I like that.  I enjoyed dueling in WoW, even though it was just for fun and you didn’t get any “rewards” out of it.  Imagine that, people doing stuff in-game just because its fun. Who’da thunk it?

Thanks to Anxient for the awesome video!


From Beta: