Dueling Video from Beta One and Two!

Anxient over on the official Rift forums has posted a nice ten minute long HD video showcasing some of his duels from Beta one and two.  You can find the original thread here and the video below.  It is well worth the look and it showcases the fluidity of movement and combat in Rift PvP.  Keep in mind that this is all very low level stuff and classes are not perfectly balanced for low-level PvP.  Still, the video is pretty nice and really gets me excited for full-on PvP in Rift.

I imagine there will be tons of dueling in Rift.  I believe we will see dueling akin to WoW in the early days, everyone outside of Sanctum and Meridian dueling for hours on end.  With the number of Soul spec possibilities, you should see players dueling just to fine tune their specs.  I like that.  I enjoyed dueling in WoW, even though it was just for fun and you didn’t get any “rewards” out of it.  Imagine that, people doing stuff in-game just because its fun. Who’da thunk it?

Thanks to Anxient for the awesome video!


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