On the Eve of the First Beta Event, I Return.

Howdy folks!

Yes, I am back.  Where have I been, you ask?  Well, working a lot for one.  Working retail during the holidays is a time consuming, soul destroying experience.  But, that is not all I have been doing.  There have been other things. Can’t really speak of those but they have been keeping me busy!

Yes, I am still very, very excited about Rift.  Perhaps even more so than I was, if that is possible.  The beta events are starting and the hype is starting to build.  Even some of my favorite bloggers are starting to talk about Rift.  I eagerly await their impressions, which will have to wait until after the NDA drops unfortunately.  I think, of the three bloggers I linked, Syp and Keen will probably enjoy the game but Syncaine will dislike Rift because of its “theme-park” attributes.

Still its nice to see Rift is finally garnering some attention.  The Trion team deserves it.  Even if Rift does not end up being the “holy MMO grail” that you hope for, Trion has certainly done a fantastic job getting it ready and interacting with the community.

Speaking of which, there is a fantastic new “teaser/hype” video that was released today on Massively.  This is the first video that I have seen in which Trion actively turns up the hype-dial to 11.  It is a great video, take a look at it below!

You will be seeing a lot more from me in the upcoming weeks as the beta events get into full swing!  I am back baby and I am ready for Rift!


4 Responses

  1. Good! Glad you liked the video. And no, we were not pressured to hype up things. We did it naturally because we just played 3-4 hours of the game 😉

    PS: You’re back on my blog feed! 😀

  2. Glad that you are finally back. I always enjoyed reading your blogs. Hope the crazy shoppers weren’t too bad for you. See ya in Rift.

  3. I missed you. Come and hug me and share in my pot of hot cocoa! 😀

  4. […] couldn’t be bothered to research it beyond occasionally reading Bran’s dedicated blog, Horriftic Intentions, a pretty good source of info, if you’re […]

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