Rift Junkies and Rift Podcasts Coverage of the Trion Trip

Besides my coverage of the trip to Trion, there are a few other excellent posts covering everything.  Both Rift Podcast and Rift Junkies have some great things to say about the trip!  You can view them at the links below.


Rift Podcast has their coverage here.


Rift Junkies posts their thoughts here and here.


Thanks to Arithion from Rift Podcast and Teljair and Draegan from Rift Junkies!  Make sure to read their thoughts and support both sites!


Go West, Young Man! HorRIFTic’s Upcoming Trip to Trion!

Last week I received a phone call with some very exciting news.  Abigale, Trion’s very own Community Manager, gave me a call and asked if I would like to head out to Trion’s studio in San Francisco for a community get together.  I have to say I was pretty amazed that Trion would think of a small blog like mine when picking out fan-sites for this event.  I also have to say that I am very, very excited about this opportunity.  Not only is Rift a great game but everyone I have ever talked to from Trion Worlds seems to be very cool people.  Their excitement for their upcoming game is contagious and they are very in-tune with the community.

In addition to myself, there are a few other fan-sites heading out west with me.  Telarapedia, Rift Junkies, RiftIRC and Rift Podcast will also be joining me in San Francisco and I look forward to meeting them as well.  I see a strong community building in Rift already and these fan-sites and all the others are really helping to make it that way.

Before I go, I want to invite all of you to post any questions you might have about Rift in the comments below.  I have a ton of questions myself but I am sure I will miss a few in my excitement.  So, post any (polite!) questions you might have for the Trion team below and I will ask as many as I can.  Of course, I will post the answers when I get back and I will also have a ton of pictures to show off!

Thanks everyone!

The Greatness that is Trion Continues.

I love Trion Worlds.  I really, really do.  I have never, ever seen a MMO developer that is as receptive to the community and as caring.  They not only communicate, the listen. Take a look at past patch notes if you don’t believe me.  They want to get this game right and they are doing everything they can to do it.

But it extends beyond just the mechanics of the game.  They care about the community and the players and they have shown that, at every turn, they want to do right by them.  This fantastic attitude continued this evening.

Yesterday, when news of the pre-orders hit, many potential players headed to Gamestop or logged into Gamestop or Amazon to pre-order.  This included me.  You see, I really like having the box when I buy a game.  The digital downloads are very convenient but nothing beats having the box and all the goodies inside.  This is especially true for the Collector’s Edition.  So I, like many others, ordered from Amazon.

My order complete, I checked my email….only to find that there was no pre-order code included.  This meant I would not get into the betas and would not get the headstart.  Well, that is not acceptable!  So I called Amazon.  After talking to no less than four different people, I found that none of them knew anything about the pre-order codes.  I was pretty pissed.

Logging into the Rift forums, I found many others with the same problem.  Not only from Amazon but from Gamestop as well.  All of us had pre-ordered, none of us had received a code and Gamestop/Amazon knew nothing about it.

A few minutes later, Abigale posted that they were looking into the matter and hoped to have an answer soon.  This was pretty late, so I did not expect anything that night.  I logged off and hoped to see something by Friday, the day of the next Beta Event.

Today I log onto the forums to find this thread by Abigale, which says:

As many of you have reported, there have been some issues with code distribution from Amazon and GameStop. We are working to get that fixed and you will get your codes in time for the head start and all of the benefits of your pre-order. However, it looks like you may not have them in time for this weekend’s beta event.

We are not going to let that happen. We want to make sure that you don’t miss this event! So if you purchased your pre-order from one of these outlets and do not already have a VIP code, we will flag your account with VIP access ourselves. You can reach Customer Service through our Support Center. Send them a copy of your receipt and they will be able to help you.

Beta 4 invites will start going out later today but we will continue to send out batches of them throughout the rest of the week as your accounts are added. So if you don’t get an invite right away, give it some time. We will do our very best to take care of you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion and we will do our best to see that you get to participate in this event. Thank you for your patience!

I immediately log into customer support and send them a message with my receipt attached.  I figured that I would get a response back sometime Friday or Thursday at the earliest.


They got back to me in twenty minutes. With all the people frantically messaging them for help, they get back to me in twenty minutes.  And this wasn’t some form letter either.  This was a live person, not only letting me know they got the support request but actually fixing my problem. I am now a VIP and eligible for all the beta events.

That is amazing and just another indication of the greatness that is Trion Worlds.

Newly Posted Gamescom Videos from MMORPG Italia

Couple of interviews with Russ Brown at Gamescom were posted last night and today.  I really love Russ Brown’s interviews.  His giggle is plain infectious and you can really tell he loves what he does.  Even when he is saying the same things he has said in 100 interviews before, he is excited about it.

Take a look: