From Massively; Exclusive Rift Reveal: The Kelari Race!

Massively posted their exclusive look at the Kelari race this morning.  After reading about them, they seem to be the typical, arrogant Dark Elves we have all come to know.  Not as pure evil as the classic Dark Elves but still arrogant.  Take a look at Massively for more!

Thanks to prolonged interactions with spirits, the Kelari are both culturally and physically distinct from their High Elf cousins. The Kelari are a proud race, believing themselves spiritually equal, rather than subservient, to the gods. They have no betters, only those who must prove themselves equals. Steeped in elaborate and precise ritual, the Kelari seem detached and unconcerned by the mundane, and a history dotted by periods of living sacrifice does not endear them to the other races of Telara. Until recently, Kelari interactions with outsiders were limited to the rare exchange of goods and scholarship.