Go West, Young Man! HorRIFTic’s Upcoming Trip to Trion!

Last week I received a phone call with some very exciting news.  Abigale, Trion’s very own Community Manager, gave me a call and asked if I would like to head out to Trion’s studio in San Francisco for a community get together.  I have to say I was pretty amazed that Trion would think of a small blog like mine when picking out fan-sites for this event.  I also have to say that I am very, very excited about this opportunity.  Not only is Rift a great game but everyone I have ever talked to from Trion Worlds seems to be very cool people.  Their excitement for their upcoming game is contagious and they are very in-tune with the community.

In addition to myself, there are a few other fan-sites heading out west with me.  Telarapedia, Rift Junkies, RiftIRC and Rift Podcast will also be joining me in San Francisco and I look forward to meeting them as well.  I see a strong community building in Rift already and these fan-sites and all the others are really helping to make it that way.

Before I go, I want to invite all of you to post any questions you might have about Rift in the comments below.  I have a ton of questions myself but I am sure I will miss a few in my excitement.  So, post any (polite!) questions you might have for the Trion team below and I will ask as many as I can.  Of course, I will post the answers when I get back and I will also have a ton of pictures to show off!

Thanks everyone!


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    Congratulations on your awesome news. 🙂

    I just have one question regarding the retooling of Rifts:

    How is Rift density determined? Do having X-Y players allow a zone to have Z-A number of Rifts in a zone (an expensively extreme algorithm based Rift scheme)? Does someone watch population numbers in zones and plop rifts as needed in locations to spice things up?

    I’m asking this because folks I know have been wondering about the differences in the number of Rifts opening up in earlier betas as opposed to the more recent ones. Finding the right balance must be difficult. 🙂

  2. 1. I loved stumbling on a reference to one of my favorite bands “Oingo Boingo” in another game, will you be hiding any rock groups any where in the game?

    2. Rogues deserve to stand out via a full cloak covering the head, could we please have that as a rogue only piece of clothing?

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  4. Could you ask if they plan to add new races in future expansions? Would love something more “non-human” race to play.

    Otherwise, tell them they do a great work 🙂

    (why not those lovley doghumans you fight?)

  5. Have fun :). They’re pretty nice, and I still have some contact with ‘Zann’ and ‘missdoomcookie’.

    Ask em about PvP server wardstone changes. /glaresatRift….

  6. it is nice to see that Trion Worlds does this kinda of stuff. Not a lot of company’s invite there fan sights over.

    I can not come up with a question :(. But could you tell them to NEVER put in a dungeon finder :D.

  7. How awesome for you! It’s definately looking to be a great game, I can’t wait for the headstart to umm start.

  8. We know that they are considering player housing of some sort for the future. Are they also considering an appearance tab? It would be a huge boost for the Rift RP community, and I’d say that there are quite a few non-RPers who would like an appearance tab as well. 🙂

  9. When you get to meet Draegan you should ask for his autograph I heard he’s awesome.

  10. Have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing what you found out when you return.

  11. With the announcement that ten man raid instances have been removed from the game i would like to know if it is Trions intention to put them back at some point in the future. A definite yes or no answer would be appreciated as there seems to be a great deal of confusion on this on the official rift forums. And i am speaking specifically of ten man raid instances not the ten man raid rifts they have said will still be in game. Thanks!

  12. Ask them more details about the end game. Rifts, raid rifts, expert dungeons and instanced raids.

    If I understood it correctly, expert dungeons are the same dungeons at the lower zones, but with diferent instance. IMHO, it is that, it is an inteligent way to make the higher level players return to lower zones. That too explain why the dungeon maps show areas taht you don’t see when enter the dungeon. Please, confirm that conjecture about expert dungeons and if they intend make the higher level players return to lower zones with that system.

    Ask them what are raid rifts and how they work? Raid rifts will happen only at a high level zone or too at lower elvel zones? If that, how raid rifts will affect the lower level players if they start to happen at lower level zones?

    And something Victor Stilwater asked: how they control the number and variety of rifts and invasions at the diferent zones?

  13. Enjoy your trip. Bring us back something nice!

  14. Congratulations on the trip,

    If you don’t mind,
    1) can you ask and thus reassure the community that a plan is in place to take care of the inevitable plague of gold famer/spammers?
    2) is there an offical Guide “physical, you know made of paper and all that” book? Being an older gamer I like to ‘study’ while on my ‘throne’. I tryed once with my laptop…never again.
    Have a great trip!

  15. Thought of another question.

    What is Trion going to do to address AFK’ers in warfronts?


  16. And one more question please:

    Will Trion allow an account to have characters for both Guardian and Defiant on the same PvP server?

  17. Congrats on being chosen. I heard Abigale mention your blog on the Rift Podcast. Thanks for inviting us to ask questions as well.

    My questions are about PvP, and since I know you like to PvP you were probably going to ask them anyway.
    What is their response to promoting world PvP? Would they reverse their changes of putting powerful guards at outposts on the PvP servers only?
    Also when will we have the official server list with types and will they indicate time zones? What about some indication of server population for each faction?

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