Adding Rift Links to My Blogroll!

As we near release, I want to make sure that I have added as many Rift-centric sites to my Blogroll as possible.  So, if you run a Rift fansite or Blog and you are not linked in my Blogroll, please comment here with the address to your site.  I will get you added as soon as possible!




10 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by HorRIFTic Intentions, HorRIFTic Intentions. HorRIFTic Intentions said: Adding Rift Links to My Blogroll!: […]

  2. Feel free to add my Rift blog

    I will do adventure logs and cover various different things like collectible pets etc.

  3. The rift podcast link goes to instead of

  4. Real-Time Streaming of the Rift Forums

  5. Would love to get our Rift centered Social Network called added to your blogroll

  6. Our website isnt up yet but it will be by next week please add to your blog roll.

  7. I have added a link to your blog on my site. I would love to be linked on yours. (RIFT Herald).


  8. The website is new, and atm does not have much content, but a lot is in the works an we have a lot of great plans! Would really appreciate having my website on your blog roll! (Rift HQ)

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