HorRIFTic Intentions Has 75 V.I.P. Beta Keys to Give Out!

Ok, I now have 75 (SEVENTY-FIVE!!!) VIP keys to give out for the Rift Beta.  To get one, all you need to do is post here using your main email address and I will send you one ASAP.   First come, first served!


Edit: Gonna be away from the PC for a bit but everyone who posts here before the 75 keys run out WILL get one.  Be patient as I send them out!


69 Responses

  1. key me please!!

  2. key please 🙂

  3. thanks.

  4. I would much appreciate a key, please.


  5. thanks!

  6. Over here, please. 🙂


  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by HorRIFTic Intentions, HorRIFTic Intentions. HorRIFTic Intentions said: HorRIFTic Intentions Has 75 V.I.P. Beta Keys to Give Out!: http://wp.me/p12N9G-59 […]

  8. hi!

  9. thkxx

  10. I would appreciate a key to 🙂

  11. Send please

  12. Key me up, please 😀

  13. My email anthony203@gmail.com
    Please sent key

  14. Key me please!

  15. Send me on please 🙂 Thanks very much

  16. i would love a key!


  17. Key me please 😀

  18. May I have a key, please 🙂

  19. Key plz!!! Thx!!!

  20. thanks!

  21. Wow cool! Would Be nice if I could have a VIP Key too. Thank you very much!

  22. please send me a key! Thanks

  23. I would very much appriciate one aswell, thanks

  24. Hit me up!

  25. Please may you send me a key!

  26. Can I have a key pelase

    • Distributed keys to everyone that posted before this. Still have quite a few available. Keep the requests coming!

      • Thanks for those Brannagar. My wife has received hers (Liara) but I haven’t got one through on my account (the post above her). I don’t want to take up a second code but is there any way you could resend the one to Belzoat?

  27. Still got one?

  28. Still have keys?

  29. I’d love one!

    • Everyone who posted before this has been sent a key. I still have more. If you need one, post here but I will not be sending them out until after 8PM CST as I have to work! Thanks guys!

  30. I would appreciate one key 🙂

  31. I’d love one of those beta keys 🙂

  32. I’d love to get a key. Thanks!

  33. Great Blog,
    Great Promo.
    Can i have a key?

  34. I’d love a VIP code, thanks! 🙂

  35. deathblaze16@gmail.com

    I’d love it! 🙂

  36. Key please

  37. I will take a key gladly 🙂
    thanks in advance

  38. I’d like one thanks!

  39. I’ll give it a try.

  40. Grawr, me please!

  41. I would very much like a key =D

  42. Id like a key please 😛

  43. I would love a key!

  44. Sweet

  45. lol, second sean to post :p


  46. Interested in a beta key. Great blog so far btw.

  47. I’ll take a key, please!

  48. Hope I get one

  49. ty for the key

  50. i will pray for u !!

  51. ty for the key

  52. If there are any keys left, I’d love one

  53. PLEASE??

  54. Humbly asking for any remaining key, if there are any. ^^

  55. talked to you in game would love a key for a buddy thank you so much

  56. first, may i have a key please? 2nd : this game really blows me away. its like an amped engine of 9 dragons! everything on the screen ebbs and flows, slight stutters every now and then, as if the pc and the game are challenging eachother to keep up ((edge goes to the game but i’m fine with that))
    trial and error with the interface is cake and if i ever get stumped the communication in-game usually answers stuff b4 it happens.

  57. Thank you very very much Brannagar!~

  58. Hi, I hope it’s not to late to have a key 🙂

    Very good blog anyway.


  59. If there are any keys left, I would love one 😀

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