Collector’s Edition Details Revealed

Can not wait to chase down Defiant on my Two-Headed Turtle of Death!

Its amazing that release already seems this close but with details of the Collector’s Edition emerging, it is close indeed.  Kotaku today revealed some information about the Rift Collector’s Edition and it really sounds like a nice package.  Will it be as nice as the Warhammer Online C.E.?  At this point, I am not sure.  There are certainly a lot of nice features but I would have to see how it looks before I can comment.  Some features:

  • A Two-Headed Turtle Mount at level 20 for all your traveling needs.
  • A Collector’s Satchel that increases your base bag space to 24
  • A Bogling Wastrel pet to follow you around.

In addition to the in-game items, there are some nice items packaged with the box, including:

  • The Rift Soundtrack
  • A Rift Steel-Series Mouse Pad
  • A Rift 8GB Flash Drive
  • A Graphic Novel with all the issues from the “Telara Chronicles” series

I really like the addition of the graphic novel and the Mouse Pad.  The Flash Drive is an interesting choice, though I would rather have seen an authenticator included, maybe the USB drive has one on it?

All in all, it seems to be a pretty good package and one that I will be buying.  I love me some Collector’s Editions and this seems to stand up well with all the others!

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