More Beta Questions Answered.

From my post on Rift News:

Abigale (Senior Community Manager) posted some answers about beta in the forums today. You can find the complete post here. In the post she addresses some of the questions that came up in the previous beta post, posted on Saturday. Take a look:

Hi, All-

I’ve been reading your posts all weekend about the news of our beta plans. Thanks for all your feedback. And I know there are lots of questions! I will try to answer what I can in this post.

A lot of people are concerned that Rift will only be tested during weekend events. I made a post to respond to this concern in the original thread but it is pretty buried at this point. So I will post this again.

Alpha has been going on for some time. There are a number of people from the community in alpha. We will continue to add more as we need them. This is where the testing will be happening 24/7. This testing will cover all leveling and content. We will be looking to the beta sign up thread as we fill these slots.

Beta will be conducted as I explained. Regular beta codes and sign ups here on the forum get you a chance at one of the beta events. A VIP All Access pass signs you up for all the events. These tests will be during certain times and may be testing specific things. More info on that will come later.

Beta dates have not been announced yet. And it will still be a while before they are. Sorry, but we just aren’t ready for that yet. You will not know when we add more people to alpha as they will be under strict NDA. But we will announce when we are going to start the beta events.

The beta chance emails have not gone out yet. You should receive them in the next couple of days

You only need one code. If you have several codes from cons, the comic book, etc, you only need one of them. They all put you in the same pool. Extra codes do not give you extra chances. If you add a VIP code, it takes precedence. Again, it puts you in one VIP pool so you don’t need more than one code. We will be giving away a lot more of the VIP passes, both here on the forums and in contests.

As for a lot of your other questions, I can’t answer them right now and may not be able to answer them at all. We have told you a lot about how our beta is going to work and how community people are being included. But we can’t give you every detail of our beta plans. Some things just won’t be released to the public.

And some details are still being discussed. As we get closer to beta, we will release more information. But I can’t answer any other questions right now

The most important thing I wanted to get across is that the game is being well tested. It’s already started and will continue through to the launch of the game. The beta events will be adding to that.

As I also mentioned in my other buried post, please remember that our primary goal is to test the game. The needs of marketing and community come after that. We have a very experienced team here and I trust their judgement as they work out the process.

I’ll try to answer other questions as I can. But right now, that’s about all I can tell you. You’ll have to stay tuned for further details!


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