Zam Interview Reveals More About the Kelari and IRC Chat Reveals Beta Information!

First up, Zam had an interview with MissDoomCookie, the Defiant Lore Lead, regarding the Kelari and their Lore.  You can find the interview here.  In the interview we get a good idea of the history of the Kelari and their motivations.

Before the Kelari fled their islands, they had been in a bloody struggle with their own people; given that many of them were happy to join up with the dragon cults. The Kelari have a truly dark past. This made it hard for the Bahmi to accept them, as the Bahmi would consider any ends acquired by such dishonorable means to be sullied and ignoble. There would be no joy in such a victory.

Take a look at the interview, there is some really excellent backstory there!  Thanks to MissDoomCookie for taking the time to do this!

Our second piece of news, and this one is a big one, comes from the IRC chat with Abigale today.  You can find a transcript of the chat right here.  Let’s get the big news out of the way:

[07:01.53] <Abigale> Ok…. first things first. I know the first question on everyone’s mind is the B word 😉
[07:02.43] <Abigale> We do have internal dates for Beta now. We aren’t releasing that info just yet. But we are on the road to getting there soon 🙂
[07:03.23] <Abigale> But…. if you have a Trion account, be sure to be watching your email over the next few days for some big info 🙂
[07:04.09] <Abigale> Make sure you are opted in to receive emails! And no, it’s something separate from the newsletter 😉

Best news of the day, no… news of the month!  Looks like beta is incoming soon!  Make sure you check your email regularly for this upcoming big piece of news.  Watch your spam folder just to be sure.

Abigale also revealed that they just finished up a big PvP focus test this week.  Not a lot of information about it but Abi said lag was not a problem and it concentrated on level 20 PvP.  All in all, the chat revealed quite a bit.  I suggest you click on the link above and check it out!

Thanks to Telarapedia for the transcript!


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