Two New Videos From Game Trailers Covering Characters and Abilities!

Well, just before I went to bed, I found two new videos on Game Trailers with Adam Gershowitz!  These cover characters and abilities.  You can find them here and here!

This video gets us our first look at the Chloromancer, which is up for a name change.  The animations here look a lot better than the ones I have seen in previous videos.  I wonder if that is because it is a newer build or because the caster animations are just better than the melee animations?

In the second video we get our first look at a Plane of Earth Rift!   It looks about what you would expect.  The ground takes on a parched, dry look and earth elementals attack.  I found it funny that the Rift opened over a Goblin encampment and the elementals proceeded to attack the Goblins.  A small taste of what havoc the Rifts can cause?


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