The Beta Email Revealed!

Due to a mixup on the website, Abigale went ahead and let us know what the big e-mail of next week was for.  You can find the post on the Rift: Planes of Telara forums right here!  Here is the text of the post:

Hi, Folks!

I’ve heard from a lot of you asking about the new link on the official site that says “Sign Up for Beta Now.” I know you are wondering what that means and why it doesn’t take you to a sign up page.

Well, I have to apologize. Things got a little out of sync here. I mentioned today in IRC that you should be expecting an email from us in the next couple of days. Well, the truth is that you were supposed to get that email before that new link went up. So to keep from causing any confusion, I am going to have to spoil the surprise and tell you what will be in that email.

As of today, everyone who has a Trion account has been issued a code for a chance to get into beta! This code is the same as the codes that were handed out at PAX, Gamescom and with the comic book. They give you a chance to be in the beta! Your code is automatically assigned to your account. There is nothing you have to do. If you are signed up with a Trion account as of today, you are in the beta pool!

Anyone who signs up after today will be in a different beta pool. So when they sign up for a Trion account, they are signing up for beta in that pool.

When groups of people are needed for beta, a much larger percentage will be taken from the pool of beta codes who were from here on the forums. If you entered a beta code or were a member of our forums, your chances of getting into beta are much greater than if you just signed up after today.

Here is how beta is going to work. There will be a series of beta events. There will be a determined number of testers needed for a weekend. People will be selected from those beta pools. If you are selected, it is for that session only. Once that session is over, your beta participation will be over.

There is an exception. Remember those passes that were handed out at the community parties that said they were an actual invite rather than just a chance? With those codes, you are invited to all of the beta events! They are VIP All Access passes!

You do not need more than one code. If you received a VIP pass from one of the parties, enter that. It over rides other codes. Any other code (from a con, comic book, Trion account, etc.) puts you into the same pool.

There will be many ways in the future to get VIP All Access passes. There will be contests, give aways and maybe even sponsored events! We will also give a number of them to community members as we determine the numbers we will be needing. And we will continue to add people to alpha as we need more people to test our content. We will continue to look to our community for that.

I’m sorry I had to spoil the surprise of the email. But I am happy that I was able to be the one to tell you:

If you have been part of our community, you have a greater chance of getting into beta! And we will still be looking to you for helping us with alpha!

I will be watching this thread and will try to answer any questions that come up. I wish we could invite everyone to beta. But we can’t. So we have tried to make it as fair as we can. We do want to show our appreciation to the community. And the ultimate goal is to test in the best way that will produce a great game!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I look forward to seeing many of you in beta and the rest of you after launch! See ya in Telara!

Oh, fantastic news!  I am so excited!!  Bring on the events!


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