New Poll Up on the Forums!!

Amary has posted a new official Poll up on the Rift forums.  This one is concerning the Faction divide and what faction you plan to play.  Guardian or Defiant.  Not surprisingly, Defiant has a big lead.  Looks like I will be playing the underdog again.  I did it in WoW, I did it in Aion and I did it in Warhammer Online.  Not going to bother me to do it again.

I do hope the divide closes a bit though.  I don’t mind being the underdog but, at a certain point, it just becomes too much.  I urge a few of you larger guilds that are going Defiant to consider Guardian to help balance things.  The game is no fun for anyone if the divide is too big.

So, go vote and let your voice be heard.  I am sure these polls influence the designs and plans of Trion.  I think they will pay particular attention to this one so they can get an idea of where they stand balance-wise!


7 Responses

  1. You’re doing Guardian?

    I was thinking Defiant, but if you’re going Guardian, then I’m with you! 😀

  2. Yeah. I love dwarves and I am also drawn to the underdog. Mathosians look really cool too. I wish they would add some less human races to both sides though.

    • hehehe. 🙂

      Well, I’ll probably pick the most human looking race. Am sick of elves.

      • I have always detested elves. I wish no side had them or only the Defiants. Right now I am leaning toward a Dwarf Beastmaster or Dwarf Ranger as a main soul. I have played around with the Soul Builder tool but I am not sure what I am going with for sure. Still too many unknown facts!

  3. I guess I’ll go with the mathosians then. Personally though, using magical tech would have been something I wanted to do, but hell, I can always make an alt. 🙂

  4. Still going Defiant, too many things just come together for me. The race lore, faction lore, the steam punk, ohhh yeah… And I will get to, err, umm, kill dwarves!

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