New Post from Abigale on the Official Forums and a Small Explanation from Me

First up, Abigale has made a new post on the Rift: Planes of Telara Official Forums:

Hello, All-

This is an exciting time in our community! We hit 10,000 forum registrations so we are starting to really grow our numbers! I predict that with all the information we are going to continue to release through many outlets that our numbers are going to grow even faster!

Greater numbers are just what we want. But that also brings some growing pains. One of the pitfalls in a community at a time like this is sometimes it’s difficult for new members to feel welcome. That is something we want to avoid.

To our new members:
If you are new to our community, we welcome you! There is lots of information for you to find on the Rift Official Site, here on the forums and on our fansites. There is also a thread posted at the top of the General section that links you to some informative posts. We welcome you to look around and ask questions. Feel free to discuss your ideas and suggestions. And make sure you check out the Code of Conduct. We want you to enjoy your time here.

To our veteran members:
Many of you have been here for a long time and you have read just about everything there is on the topic of Rift. Your support has meant a lot and this has been a great community to work with!

I do ask that you remember that there will be a lot of new users and questions and comments will be repeated. Remember that while you have had some of these same discussions many times, it’s a new topic for other people.

If you can answer a question or post a link and point someone in the right direction, that is very much appreciated. If you find that kind of thing annoying, then no need to jump into a thread that is asking for information. But it’s not ok to bash someone because they are asking a question that has been answered or they want to discuss an old topic. We are going to be watching for that sort of thing and taking action when necessary.

Keeping Things in Order
The other thing that changes a lot at this stage is the amount of moderation that is needed. So we have a few more people working on that. You can help as well. When you see a post that breaks the rules, use the Report Post button you see in the lower left hand corner of each post. That will help us keep up with problem posts.

Our Team
And finally, I want to make sure you know all of us who are working with the Rift community.

Zann is Erick Adams. He is an Assistant Community Manager. He spends part of his time working on End of Nations and the rest of his time working with me on Rift. He does a lot of the work on our social networks for both games.

Amary is Amanda Fry. She is a Community Coordinator. She is responsible for putting together patch notes. She is already doing that for alpha and will continue through release. She spends the rest of her time helping me on community projects and monitoring the forums.

Random is Ron Meiners. Ron is working with us to help with moderation of the forums. He has been around for a while and many of you may remember seeing him around these parts before.

I am very happy with our team. We have a lot of dedication and enthusiasm and we love working on Rift and working with you!

This is such a great community. There are so many knowledgeable people here and I have really enjoyed working with you to build a place where we can wait for the game and share all we can with you. This community will continue to grow and change. And someday it will be a community of people who play Rift rather than one who is just discussing it. We are looking forward to enjoying that time with you!

No real new information but it does look like Rift’s community is growing, slowly but surely.  I am excited to see it growing as I already think it is one of the more mature and involved MMO communities I have been a part of pre-release.  Lets hope it continues.

As to the explanation, I just wanted to let you guys know why I have not been posting as frequently over the last few days.  Pretty easy explanation here, I got a promotion at work.  This has involved a lot of work and a move to a different location, though I still live in the same place.  The commute is a bit further and I am taking over a new location.  This is great for me, as it is more money after all but I have really been trying to get a handle on the problems at my new location.  The last person who had my role left the place in a mess and I am basically having to retrain the employees on how to do things the correct way.

Of course, this has taken a lot of my time, thus I have not been posting here a bunch.  However, I think I have finally gotten a handle on things, so you will start seeing me return to my normal level of posting.  Actually, now would be a good time to get into beta.  *hint, hint*  🙂


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