Ten Ton Hammer Interview with Scott Hartsman

Ten Ton Hammer has an excellent interview with Scott Hartsman this week on their Podcast.  The Podcast is really long (over 2 hours!), so I recommend jumping to about the 40 minute mark, which is where the interview starts.  Scott goes into detail about the Soul System, Rift Invasions and much more.

I have to say that I am so excited about Soul System.  I posted a thread on the Official Forums detailing my excitement:

Listening to the Ten Ton Hammer Podcast tonight it just hit home with me, just how revolutionary the Soul System truly is. If there is one thing that Rift contributes to MMO history, it will be the Soul System. The Rift Invasions are cool and will contribute as well but the Soul System is something special, indeed.

Think of all the MMOs you have played in the past. In all of them you always had people in LFG chat spamming LF2M (looking for two more) need tank. Or healer. Or (rarely) DPS.

With Rift that will be in the past. Now you can just look for 5 people. Does not matter their archetype. Can only find 5 clerics and a rogue? Thats fine, it will work. Can only find 2 warriors, a mage and a rogue? That will work too.

From now on all you need is five friends. Period. No more of one person, amongst your friends, having to roll a dedicated healer just so you can run instances. No more of one guy rolling having to roll a tank so that you can run instances.

From now on, just bring four friends. That is all you need.

Thank God, its about time!

With the ability for any archetype to be a healer, tank or DPS and any class being able to switch between them at will, groups will be a lot easier to get together.  I really do think this will be revolutionary in MMO world and will be Rift: Planes of Telara’s biggest contribution to MMO evolution.


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  1. Jesse Coxx as always awesome host.

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