New Theme?

As you probably immediately noticed, I have enabled a new theme tonight.  I was finding the other one a bit hard to read, even though I loved the darker colors.  What do you folks think?  Like this one or the old one better?  Quotes and such seem to show up better on this one than the old but maybe it is my old eyes playing tricks on me!  Let me know what ya think!


7 Responses

  1. I like this layout better. 🙂 Easier to read and great on the eyes.

    Also, the background wallpaper you had, that didn’t stretched on my big ass monitor with resolution 2500xsomething, isn’t there anymore . So gone went the problem. 😀

  2. Hi, many thanks from me for changing the theme. You have some great stuff on your site but I was always struggling to read it because of the black background. It’s so much more comfortable for the eyes now! thanks and good luck to develop the portal!

  3. nope liked the other better

  4. I liked the other more and personally it was easy to read to xD

  5. Liked the other one mainly because it felt more ” right ” the colors etc, this one might be easier to read for most ppl though but the whole contrast with the black borders etc doesnt look so good 🙂

    The other one looked better in visual terms cant say i had that many problems reading it. Just one opinion anyway, the content of the blog still quite good congratulations on it 🙂

  6. It reminds me of my blog layout, only RIFTIER!!!! 😀

  7. Other one was better. It felt more inline with Rift. This one feels just too sterile. Darker with a light gray txt was much better imo.

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