Most Informative Pax Post I Have Seen

Automaticzen on the Rift forums has started a very informative topic about his impressions at Pax.  He goes into detail about the Warrior Souls, the instances he ran, a Rift INVASION, and a few other tidbits of information.

On the Warrior Souls:

Warrior Trees:
Like I said, I had Kilrathi film me looking through all of the Warrior soul trees, but I can give a quick rundown of the basics of each.

Beastmaster – The Warrior Pet class, nothing more to say here.
Champion – This is the straight DPS warrior, the charge move Bull Rush, is in this tree.
Paladin – This is the first Warrior tank spec, focusing on blocking techniques using a shield
Paragon – The best way to put this would be Warrior/Rogue. The flavor text has a ‘Monk’ feel to it, but it mentions weapons so I’m not seeing it as an unarmed class. Lots of focus on Dodge, Parry, and Dexerity.
Reaver– The second tank spec is focused on threat generating DOTS, and has a good AOE focus is specced in a certain way.
Riftblade – I didn’t focus much on this one, wait for the video
Void Knight – The third tank class I noted. Anti-magic and some resistances.
Warlord– This is the Warrior buff class. Alot of buffs for your party, both active and passive. I’m viewing this as something a tank or dps would drop a couple of points in to give the group a helping hand in both PVE and PVP.

Of the souls I got to mess with indepth (Champion, Reaver, Paladin, and Void Knight) most of them had a basic strike that varied slightly, a second strike with more variation (the tanks’ second strike usually had extra threat gen built-in), a two-three person Cleave, a strike that used the Warrior’s combo point, and some sort of aura dependent on which soul you were in.

For example, the Reaver’s aura were called ‘Binding of’ and you received different ones as you moved further into the tree. Now, for the multiclassers, these aura s stack. I could only use one Reaver Binding at a time, but I was also specced into Paladin so I could use the Paladin aura I had on top of that. Quite fun.

This is, by far, the most informative impressions we have yet to see from anyone.  He goes into a lot of detail in the post and I highly recommend you check it out.  So, head over to the official Rift forums and take a look at it!!  It is well worth your time!  Thanks to Automaticzen for this highly informative post!


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