Consolidated Information from Pax (Day 2, Saturday)

Ok, this is the second post detailing all the consolidated information from Pax, this one is for day two (Saturday).  The first post, that covers Friday, can be found here. Remember to check back often, as I will update this post as I find out more.

  • The build everyone has been playing at Pax and Gamescom is a very old build.  Info from Scott Hartsman quote found here.
  • The basic Rogue classes feels almost exactly like the WoW rogue.  Combat speed, responsiveness, right down to the combo system.  Info found here.
  • Production values feel extremely high.  Same source as above.

Update @ 12:12am CST.  From Kilrathi in IRC:

  • New Mage calling “Dominator”.  CC Mage, expect QQs about this one.
  • Archon is another mage calling, no more info on it.
  • Deep Tranaca (unsure of spelling) is a level 22 instance with 4 bosses.
  • Took Kilrathi and group 2 hours to clear it, with a PvP-geared tank and premade characters.  Healer was a HoT Warden.  Second boss two-shot the tank.  Premade characters were level 25.  Sounds like a really challenging instance.  Had to switch out a DPS rogue for a burst healer to complete.
  • Add-ons will not be allowed through API, just reskins.
  • There will be PvP Capital city raids!!  Faction leaders will be able to be attacked and killed.
  • Takes about 10-15 minutes to walk across the starting zone.
  • You can open up Rifts to push over to the other factions side! Kilrathi was not able to get any more info on it but it will be great for PvP servers.
  • Beta *SOON*
  • Kilrathi thinks the big information will be coming tomorrow.

Thats it for the chat, Kilrathi logged off a bit early to play some TF2.  If I get any more info I will update the post!

More info from a Rift Nexus thread and Starseeker, located right here!!

  • No player housing at launch, though they are taking a close look at it because it is a much requested feature.
  • No appearance slots.  Armor pieces will have primary and secondary dye slots.
  • NO communication, at all, with the opposing faction.
  • No betraying to the opposing faction.
  • There will be an assist function.  Not in build everyone is playing at Pax but it is in a later build.

New Character creation video:

One last addition from Kilrathi!

  • New Mage soul….None other than the great Necromancer!!

4 Responses

  1. I am so damn excited.

    My life is a mess in more than a few ways right now, but I have Rift ❤

    Some REALLY interesting points though!

  2. This game is gonna own so hard. i hope they don’t take the route of wow though ever and start making the game easy because some people are to stupid to move or something to that extent. Kudos on the information looking forward to tomorrows info.

  3. Thanks for the updates Esloan!

  4. […] Horiftic Intentions Has a good summarty on some of the information that we have received about Rift at PAX.  The summary includes some new classes, dungeon experience, addon info, pvp, and other general information.  Rift has certainly made a name for itself at PAX, as fans are begging for the beta client or release of the game on their forums. […]

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