Consolidated Information from Pax!

First of the info from Pax is starting to trickle in.  Thanks to Starseeker on the official Rift forums for these tidbits!  The thread can be found here!!

  • Guilds will have levels
  • Guilds will have assignable ranks (leader/officer etc.)
  • Guilds will have quests that they can complete as a guild.  For instance the guild leader or officer can pick up a quest for the Guild to harvest bushes or kill elementals.  As your guild quests normally it counts off the items for the quests.
  • Guilds will have different achievements and benefits.
  • Guilds will have buff flags or standards.
  • Trion believes guilds should be more than glorified friends lists

Some more info from the IRC transcript, which can be found here..

  • Newly announced Ice Mage class called Storm Caller!
  • Confirmation on World Raid Bosses!!!
  • Greenscale Blight Raid instance will contain a Dragon boss.
  • Hammerknell Fortress Raid will contain 10 bosses.
  • PvP Flag is a go on PvE servers
  • Choloromancer (spelling?) is a healing mage.
  • Tier Raid progression
  • AA like System that gives buffs to resistances from high level rifts.  These will be slottable.

That is it so far, I will update as new information is added.  Thanks to Starseeker and Kilrathi for this bevy of information!

Edited Info @ 11:21 PM CST:

  • Token System similar to WoW for Raids.
  • Softcaps on Stats.

Added @ 11:29 PM CST:

  • Duels are in.  Similar to WoW.  Duel request, flag drops, countdown, duel starts.
  • Female mages had a dance animation, males did not seem to have one yet.  PAXzen in IRC stated it was ” A little side to side wiggle. Nothing memorable.”

Added @ 12:57am CST

  • There is a Quest Helper built into the UI
  • Combat felt inline with EQ2 or WoW in terms of responsiveness.
  • World Bosses are CONTESTED.  PvP anyone?!?!  Yeah!!!!
  • Macro system is in.  Kilrathi did not get to mess with it.
  • Rift Raids are in.
  • Dueling currently gives XP, will probably change before release.
  • Devs state that there will be big expansions and small ones.
  • Expansions are already in the planning phase.
  • Beta this year, no closer estimate than that.
  • Scott is as cool in person as he seems in the interviews.  Quote from Kilrathi:

yea he knows where im coming from (IE the older hardcore players) and where the market is at

  • Media has been focusing on SW:ToR and GW2 so Kilrathi has been able to talk to the Rift devs a lot.

Ok, I believe Kilrathi has fallen asleep at the keyboard.  He is probably dead tired.  Again, I want to thank him for all the information he got for us.  I gave him a bunch of questions to ask tomorrow and as soon as he gets back to me, I will post any information here.

Thanks for visiting the blog guys!


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for all the info! Looking great!

  2. Dear god! I only discovered this game 2 day’s ago, but the game is now defo on my number 1 friends list.

    Look at all those features the game has at launch. They really have taken a good look at other mmorpg’s, took the features that work, maybe changed some of them, added there own, and tadaa there is rift.

    The game really looks to be effin’ sweet!

    • Yeah. It looks to be a great game that is somewhat flying under the radar when compared to GW2 and SW:ToR. I think it will be better than both though.

      It looks to have some really good developers who care and that is a huge edge. Can not wait for beta! Thanks to all of you for stopping by, more info to come!

  3. Thank you for all the info ❤
    Can not wait! 😀

  4. […] from Pax, this one is for day two (Saturday).  The first post, that covers Friday, can be found here. Remember to check back often, as I will update this post as I find out […]

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