Ten Ton Hammer Has Posted Part Two of their Interview with Scott Hartsman.

Another great interview with Scott Hartsman.   Look here for the video, then come back and see a run-down on the interview and my thoughts!

Alright, now that y0u are back, a quick run through:

  • Rifts start as tears in the world and can then be coaxed out with a Planar Lure.  This is somewhat like a taunt that pisses off the Rift enough that it opens and unleashes hell.
  • Tears will eventually become Rifts regardless of player interaction.
  • Once a Rift gains a foothold into Telara it starts sending out moving Armies.  These armies can attack NPC towns, quest-givers or other Rifts.
  • The larger the player force attacking the Rift, the meaner the Rift gets.  It scales to the number of people attacking it.
  • You can ally with a Rift to help defeat another Rift or to help defeat the opposing faction’s towns!
  • Different zones have an affinity for different Rift types.  Meaning one zone may spawn more Death Rifts, while another may spawn more Fire Rifts.
  • The “Realm of the Fae” is an outdoor level 17 instance.
  • Take place in Silverwood, on the Guardians territory but it can accessed by the Defiant.
  • The instance progresses up a mountain and as you go up the seasons change.  Spring to summer to fall and, finally, winter.  The last boss, Faelord Twill, is on the top of the mountain with winter surrounding him.
  • Apparently, the Giant Toad boss is extremely tough.
  • Scott has three goals for Rifts: Achievement, PvP and Exploration.

Ok, not a lot of new information this time, as we have heard a lot of this before, but not in as much detail.  The Rift system sounds cooler and more dynamic each time they elaborate more on it.  I like that you can ally with a Rift to attack the opposing faction’s towns and I really like that the Rifts can spawn moving armies.  That could be incredibly cool.

The Realm of the Fae also sounds cool and I love that it is level seventeen.  It really sounds like they are putting instances all across the leveling process and not just at endgame.  Allows you to learn your character in group-play before you start doing endgame stuff.  The changing seasons thing also sounds novel and pretty awesome.

To me, the best thing Scott said in this interview was the “Achievement, PvP and Exploration” quote.  If they stay true to these words, I think we can expect a game that is not easy, is not carebear and has a large world to explore.  That, to me, is encouraging.  Hopefully, they will keep these goals in mind all through the development cycle and into the expansions.


2 Responses

  1. Scott is so damn enthusiastic 😀

  2. It’s was a great Q&A thanks for the write up

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