Stonefield Preview at Rift Nexus

Those lucky folks over at Rift Nexus have gotten us an exclusive look at one of the zones in Rift, you can find the writeup here.  This one is called Stonefield and it looks fantastic!  I have a few criteria that I use to decide whether I like a zone or not and Stonefield passes the test:

  • Is it an expansive zone or does it look cramped?  Stonefield looks huge, so no problems there.  Its hard to gauge the size by watching a short video but I think it is safe to say that Stonefield is at least as big as Westfall or Badlands in WoW.
  • Are there interesting landmarks to see and explore?  Certainly looks to be the case here.  Mines, huge waterfalls, huge dragon skeletons all make an appearance in this zone.  The zone should be a treat to explore.  I hope many of the mountains and waterfalls can be climbed.  I would love to see an Open Dungeon, even a small one, hiding behind one of the waterfalls.
  • Are the mobs laid out intelligently?  This I can not tell from the video.  Looks to be well-populated but not too populated but it is hard to tell.
  • Conducive to open PvP?  Certainly seems to be the case but can not really tell.

The zone really reminds me of Arathi Highlands but much greener.  It also would fit right in with Hibernia in DAoC, very green and lush.  Definetly different than the other Defiant zones we have seen in the past.

I really love the troll as well.  LotRO, for me, has the best trolls.  Huge, lumbering and vicious looking.  Rift may have trumped those.  This troll looks positively frightening!  I can not wait to take one of those down or, even better, gank another player who is trying to take one down.

Yeah, thats mean but thats what I do!


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