Saboteurs, Beastmasters and Port Scion…..Oh, My!

Ten Ton Hammer has just released a very informative video Q&A session with Rift Producer Scott Hartsman.  You can find the video right here.  Go take a look and then come back and I will give you my thoughts.

Done?  Watched it all?  Good.

First of all, I gotta say the interviewer did a good job but did he look nervous or what?  Got better as the interview went on but he was very obviously nervous at the start.  Even with that we got a lot of information that we did not have before and, I have to say, I am excited about all of it.  Rift is looking better and better with each passing interview, video and screenshot.  So, let’s recap what we heard:

  • New Saboteur class.  We had not heard of this anywhere before.  Scott joked about it “not being overpowered right now” which, of course, probably means it is very overpowered.  Although he gave no details, I am going to assume that this is a Rogue Soul.  Nothing else makes sense.
  • New Beastmaster class.  Yeah, that’s right BEASTMASTER. Oh, Hallelujah!!  I simply can not wait for this class.  Again, not a lot of information but Scott did mention that the Beastmaster was a mêlée pet class.  From that I infer that it is either a Rogue or Warrior Soul.  Personally I am hoping for Warrior.  A tank with pets would be, simply put, amazing.
  • Both sides start at opposite sides of the same starting zone before getting shuttled back to Telara.  The starting zone is basically Purgatory, where you make your way from death back to Telara proper.  No mention if this actually means low level PvP on PvP servers, I certainly hope so.
  • Port Scion is a war-zone.  Let me repeat; PORT SCION IS A WAR-ZONE! It is the former crown jewel city of Telara, now on the border between Defiant and Guardian Territories.  Now, Scott did not specifically mention PvP here but from his tone and what he said, it really sounds like Port Scion is the Open PvP zone we have been on the lookout for.  Can I hear another Hallelujah?!?!
  • The Guardians are not necessarily the good guys.  The Gods chose the Guardians from the biggest, baddest, meanest MF’ers on Telara.  You know that wallet that Samuel L. Jackson carries in Pulp Fiction?  Yeah, a Guardian carries one of those.  If being the baddest meant you were a God-Fearing Cleric, then the God’s chose you but if being the baddest meant you were an evil, black-hearted, child-killing Assassin…..yeah, the Guardians chose you too.  They took whoever was the meanest, no matter how evil or pious.  If you were a badass, you were chosen.

A Guardian's Wallet.

  • Guardians Capital City is Sanctum.  This city has apparently just been finished by the devs and we should see a video featuring it soon.  Pretty excited about that.
  • Scott went into some detail about the lore and the story of the fight between the Defiants and the Guardians.  Apparently the Guardians use a material called Source Stone to commune with their Gods.  Which would be all well and good but the Defiants use the same material to chuck in their furnaces to power the machines that pull souls from the ether.  Of course the Guardians don’t like this.  What does that give you?  PvP.  And that is all that matters!

All in all a very informative interview, with some really, really awesome news.  I am so excited about Port Scion and the Beastmaster class, that I can hardly contain it.  There should be a part II to the interview posted soon.  Can’t wait for it either.  Great job Ten Ton Hammer!!


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  1. Just wanted to point out the fact that both Saboteur and Beastmaster has already been mentioned (at GamesCom) and we knew which calling they belong to: Warrior for Beastmaster, and Rogue for Saboteur.

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