Races of Telara: The Dwarf

The Dwarves are a fallen people now. Without a homeland, they wandered for many years, taking shelter with the Mathosians, Elves, and even the Eth, as few towns would turn away a dwarven craftsman looking for a home. When Borrin Gammult returned as an Ascended Guardian, many Dwarves rallied to his banner in Sanctum, vowing to build a new home with the Vigil’s blessing, and to seek redemption for the sins of Hammerknell. Holy Sanctum owes much of its beauty and strength to the efforts of Dwarven heroes, mortal and Ascended, whose genius never faded even as their hope guttered to embers.

The Telarian Dwarf

It is only right that I start my race previews off with the Dwarf.  After all, my first MMO character was a Dwarf Thane in DAoC.  My first WoW character was a Dwarf hunter.  I seem to have an affinity for the little guys.  But, how could you not?  Short, grumpy, alcoholics with quick tempers and strong axe arms.  Can’t really beat that.

The dwarf race in R:PoT seems to be a continuation of the dwarves we have seen in the past.  Of course, the argument could be made; if its not broke, don’t fix it and that certainly holds true here.  Dwarves are, perhaps, the most iconic race in all of fantasy-dom, except the elf.  They have made an appearance in just about every high-fantasy novel or game since Tolkien put pen to paper.

The tradition continues in R:PoT and seems to be in fine hands.  Dwarves are still the short, stoic, grumpy, alcoholics you remember.  Master crafters and even better warriors.  They are the perfect tank, standing toe to toe with their foes, with an axe in one hand and a beer in the other.

Dwarves can, between drinking binges, still be powerful mages!

The Look:

Dwarves in R:PoT retain the same classic look they are known for, Trion has done nothing radical here.  They remain short and stocky with massive beards.  If you did not care for Dwarves in WAR, WoW or LotRO you probably won’t like them here either.

I have long thought that Warhammer Online, with all its faults, captured the dwarf look and persona better than any other MMO but it may have found a rival in R:PoT.  The dwarves here look especially stoic and tough.  One thing noticeable immediately are their hands, which may just be the largest hands I have ever seen in an MMO.  They are positively huge.  The better to use a crafting hammer, perhaps?

Regardless, I love the look of the Rift Dwarf.  They each have the traditional look while, at the same time, capturing the style of the Telarian world!

Dwarves are not none for their mastery of the roguish arts but this one looks like he could hold his own!

Racial Bonuses:

Second Wind
Cooldown: 5 minutes
Reinvigorates the Dwarf, causing them to regain 30% of their health over 6 seconds.

Bahralt’s Mettle
Endurance increased by 5%

Miracle of Hammerknell
Water resistance increased by 20

The races bonuses dwarves receive seem tailor made for a tank class.  A nice personal healing spell that regens 30% of their max health over six seconds, is an obvious boon for tanking.  Bahralt’s Mettle is a passive bonus to endurance with a nice 5% bonus.  Both of these seem to fit right in with a tank type class but would be a large advantage for any class in the game.

The last bonus, Miracle of Hammerknell, is a bit more situational but resistances can often come in handy and I expect this one to be the same.  All in all, it seems that the Dwarves have some pretty nice Racial bonuses.  Combine that with a tradition of appearances in every fantasy book or setting and you have a pretty solid race.  Matter of fact, my tradition of rolling a dwarf first in every MMO that has the option available just might continue!


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